Sustainable products

Sustainable products


NH Hotel Group offers its customers healthy options, organic food and a range of local products, thus supporting the economy and culture of the destinations in which it operates.
In NH Hotel Group we bet for a healthy and organic food, and therefore we have created a new breakfast concept which combines an innovative cuisine, local produce and culinary forefront with everything the body needs.

We focus on local and seasonal products and offer these products in our hotels, always seeking to align innovation and the highest quality with the opportunity to learn the local cuisine. 
In our meetings breaks we have incorporated a Green corner which includes unique, healthy and vitamin-rich products that help inspiration and development of the full potential of the meetings of our customers.

Also, we have renewed our customers' preferred amenities. For the selection of the products we have made an analysis of eco-efficiency which guarantees the choice of products that respect the environment as an added factor of product quality.