Other Projects




NH Hotel Group collaborates with universities and technological institutions on a wide variety of projects with the aim of promoting innovation, initiative and education in the field of sustainable energy.
Within the context of this commitment on sustainable innovation, since 2011 the Company has been taking part in the CorktoCork cork recovery programme, as a result of which it has produced more than 8,000 m2 of cork for insulation and lining. NH Hotel Group has also opted for green energy, so all the electricity consumed in its hotels in Europe is generated using renewable sources.

Incorporating sustainability into commercial initiatives

NH Hotel Group considers that its activity could directly or indirectly have a positive effect on the environment in the communities where it operates. Therefore, as part of its commitment, eco-friendly meetings have been organised.
This innovative proposal by NH Meetings for company events enables clients to organise carbon neutral meetings, and making up for any impact by supporting sustainable development and climate change projects. Among such projects are the Fuel Switch Project in Brazil, to reduce carbon emissions from the ceramics plants, Fuel Efficient Cookstoves in Uganda and the Kasigau Corridor REDD Project in Kenya, whose aim is to stop the deforestation and forest deterioration.

Earth Hour 2015

For seven years running, NH Hotel Group has joined the World Wildlife Fund’s global initiative “Earth Hour”, in which the Company’s hotels take part by switching off their outside lighting for one hour, considerably reducing their energy consumption and CO2 emissions.
Furthermore, numerous activities are organized to involve the customers in this campaign against climate change: special candle-light menus, urns for sharing wishes for the planet, social media contests, etc.