Do you want to celebrate an event?

Do you want to celebrate an event?

07:00 | Beeeep, beeeep, beeeep… You hit the off button on your alarm, jump out of bed and head straight for the shower. Let’s get another exciting day off to the best possible start, you think to yourself, as you consider all the challenges ahead of you. Feeling fresh, you sit down to a healthy and fulfilling breakfast, taking the opportunity to scroll through the various emails that have reached your mailbox since you went to sleep last night. Right, there’s plenty to do so it’s time to get going…

08:30 | You reach the office ready for the day ahead – that delicious breakfast you had has set you up perfectly for the morning action. And lucky you’re feeling so perky as that potential pharma meeting has now been confirmed and time is against you. Maybe the Instant Booking Tool by NH Hotel Group that your industry friend had mentioned could be the ideal solution. You head to the webpage and boom! The perfect location within the right budget range is now confirmed. Simple, no fuss, and you’re not even onto your second coffee of the day. Time to take advantage of that and work through the ever-expanding inbox.

11:00 | Already a productive morning – three speakers confirmed for next month’s gala – you thank your colleague for bringing you one of Starbucks’ finest and sit back to check out some industry news. There are so many resources out there but when inspiration is needed you turn to your trusted NH Meetings blog. A client emailed you earlier asking for a different approach to providing catering at an event which is possibly why your gaze is drawn to an item on food trucks. Bingo! She’s going to love that.

13:00 | Just before lunch you pitch up at the venue for tomorrow’s small luxury products event. You meet with the hotel coordinator and walk through your plans for the day, making sure that everything is in place and that all those involved know what is going to be happening and when. You check one last time the 3D hologram set-up that will be used during the main presentation – ‘wow, they won’t have seen that before,’ you think.  Next you speak to the resident chef who has been working on an explicit request for some tempting breaks. You leave the NH Hotel rather impressed… and a little smug that you chose them, especially as their sensitivity to food allergies and cultural awareness will be important for the mix of attendees coming.

15:00 | Returning to the office after a very productive ‘working lunch’ you pull together all the notes from the team brainstorming. That list of social media tactics for the earlier planned pharma event should ensure a great turnout and you pop them on an email to the client to get the green light. They’re usually quick responders, and it’s an almost guaranteed yes, so you add an entry on tomorrow’s do-list to get the ball rolling.

16:30 | It’s definitely time for another coffee as you reflect on the several calls you’ve made. Most of them turned out well, although it’s frustrating that the car launch budget hasn’t been signed off yet. You schedule another call for tomorrow, first thing in the morning.

18:00 | With the day slipping away, you target crossing off a few more items on the list before you leave. Double-checking that band is making it to the St Patrick’s Day party; clarifying the flower choice for the main entrance of the launch; agreeing the floor plan; checking parking facilities; updating social media …

20:00 | A quick check that everything is in order for tomorrow and you head out of the office. It’s not home time yet though. Before you can kick off your shoes you meet up with a former colleague – one who left event planning to set up her own restaurant – and get special treatment as her guest at the new venue. Killing two birds with one stone you have a great catch up while also making several mental notes about some of the cool aspects of the place. ‘They will come in useful in the future,’ you tell your friend, who nods approvingly.

22:00 | You’d love to have stayed out later but know that the alarm will be going off at the same time in the morning so head home. The taxi journey gives you 20 minutes to check if any last minute emergencies have arisen.

Rarely are two days ever the same for a planner of meetings and events, and even less common are the slow ones, so it’s good to know that a partner like NH Hotel Group is with you whenever you need them.

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