“Make your presence felt” is the advice given by George Lois, the creative advertiser from New York who was the source of inspiration for Don Draper’s character. Would you like to entice your customers Madison-Avenue style? Take note of the Lois Draper’s eight key elements to winning a sale or giving a presentation.

Who did Matthew Weiner base the Don Draper character on? Just as in every aspect of the show, the producer toys with mystery and confusion. But, given his career path and his uncanny physical resemblance to actor Jon Hamm, there’s a good chance George Lois is the alter ego of the king of Madison Avenue.

Admit it! You wish you could be like Don Draper. Have everyone’s eyes turning to you when you walk into a meeting or have everyone gazing open-mouthed when you speak. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? George Lois has some tips that will help you achieve this:

Pursue your happiness

The secret to an enjoyable and successful life is to use your time doing what makes you happy. Spend your entire life doing what you truly love. Don’t let what happened to the character in Sinclair Lewis’s novel happen to you: “I’ve never done anything I ever wanted to”.

Take Risks

It’s better to be reckless than careful. There are no grey areas. It is better to be daring than safe. It is better for your work to be seen and remembered. Otherwise, you’ll be erased.

Work till exhaustion

There is nothing like the feeling of finishing the work day exhausted. The feeling of having given it your all, of having reached your absolute limit and being ready for the next day.

Communicate your idea in a fraction of a second

Don’t stammer and bore people. If you can’t express your idea concisely with high impact and visually communicate it in a fraction of a second, it’s not that great of an idea. Tell it with passion!

Impress customers

Think on your feet, make things happen. Entice customers not only with your work but also with your guts, your desire and your boldness. Don’t be conceited, but do be sure of yourself. Be creative and choose an inspiring place to hold your event.

If you’re going to criticise something, don’t hold back

Don’t camouflage the truth–your honesty will be appreciated. Remember that sometimes the best way to solve an unsolvable problem is to simply tell the truth.

Visit a museum and read the newspaper

Find inspiration in the halls of a museum. Many ideas can come to you at these times. And don’t waste time reading unsubstantial things. A good newspaper in the morning informs and inspires.

Work comfortably in a pleasant environment

Your working environment should also be a metaphor of who you are, so it is important to have a flexible and personalised place.

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