These days, the professionals from the business travel industry juggle different priorities and concerns, such as the incorporation of new technologies, improved expenditure management, compliance with travel policies, risk management, among other challenges.  They are continually seeking ways to balance these competing demands.  

Hence, "balance" was the theme on which the discussions centered during the last Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) convention.  Held in late July in Denver (United States), it brought together some 6,500 professionals from the business travel industry.

More than 400 companies exhibited their latest products and services, including NH Hotel Group, which wouldn’t miss the most important event of the industry.  Thanks to our presence at the convention, we’re able to share with you the hottest topics discussed during GBTA and the main challenges facing the sector:

  • It's necessary to encourage the growth of the M&E sector. One of the industry’s main challenges continues to be the need to show the value of investing in events and meetings. Clients need to know their return on investment. Therefore, the industry professionals play an increasingly strategic role within organizations throughout the entire process, guiding the client the whole way through. Event planning professionals should design the M&E programs with extensive research, insights that are based on the client's strategy, focus on added value and transparency.

  • Integration between Business Travel and Meetings & Events. The business travel industry and M&E need to share information. There are continually more solutions for integrating information obtained from travel, expenses and meetings. This information helps both suppliers and clients to have a global vision and share resources and data relating to ground or air transportation, hotels, food expenditure, et cetera.

  • Security has an increasingly important role in global events. The current world is unpredictable, but the meetings and events that connect professionals from all over the world will continue to grow. Therefore, safety must be the top priority for the organizers of business travel such as those who plan meetings and events.

  • Technology continues to have a starring role. It’s been apparent for years: technology is transforming the way we do business, especially in the business travel and event planning sectors. These industries are at the forefront of technology trends. Technology has become the backbone of many travel experiences with different facets ranging from personalized offers, mobile payment services based on the collaborative economy, customer service on social networks, etc. Therefore, the technological element will continue to be a driving force for new opportunities that will provide value added to our clients in a variety ways. Discover our High Tech Made Easy proposal.

  • The future: optimism and growth. The M & E industry is on the rise and there’s tremendous interest in promoting innovation and achieving greater return on investment. Companies are seeing the benefits of consolidating their meeting and events programs into business units or departments, which will result in increased investment in the sector as it continues to grow.

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