Because of their size, large conferences bring with them an extra level of complexity in terms of their organization. That said, these types of large events are becoming ever more common, with more and more people and organizations running them, creating memorable experiences for their attendees

If it is your job to organize one of these incredible events we recommend you follow these tips to ensure your conference is a complete success.

1. Define the type of conference you want to organize.
Think about the theme and what you want to achieve. For example, at a conference you might want to associate a brand with certain values, bring something to the public’s attention or be seeking financial returns (ticket sales, sponsorship, or a mix of the two) for a project…

Next, find the speakers. You need to perfectly define the tone for your goals and then find speakers who can reproduce it. They could be famous, experts in the subject matter, renowned politicians… The most important thing is that they believe in the idea behind the project, are experienced speakers and are able to get the audience interested.

You also need to decide what type of conference you want, the size and whether it will be private or open to all.

2. Create a business plan.
Whether your conference is being funded (either subsidized or from an organization) or the attendees are paying, you should create a business plan, to have oversight of where each euro comes from and what it is being used for. The first part of the equation, the income, should be worked out at the start of the planning. That way you can approach possible sponsors with a solid business plan, knowing from the start exactly what you need to carry out the project. Where the conference is financed by ticket sales, a business plan is vital to work out how much you can spend on each item, how many tickets you need to sell and what prices you need to charge, both to break even and to make a profit.

3. Find the perfect space.
Make sure you pick a venue that best suits your needs and the size of your audience. It is as bad to come up short, as it is to have too big a venue. If your forecast is for 300 people and you have hired a venue for 1,000, you will lose that closeness with your audience because the space is far too large. And of course, it is vital you do not find yourself in the opposite situation either.

As a general approach, you should always be realistic and aim for a venue with a little more capacity than anticipated, to fit in unexpected attendees. The best way to cope with the issue is to speak to an expert in venue size. For that reason, we are here to help you find the ideal venue for your event, showing you the multitude of possibilities available to ensure your conference goes perfectly.  

In terms of setting up the venue, you can also speak to us and find out which method will best fit your needs. You can choose between a Theatre set-up (seats in rows, facing the stage), School (like a classroom, with desks so that the guests can take notes or use electronic devices), Cabaret (round tables focused on a speaker, meaning the table has a gap) or a personalized set-up adapted to your needs.

At NH Hotel Group we adapt to the aims of your event, to ensure it is a success.

4. Planning every detail in situ.
You should then ensure all the elements are in place for your conference. The best way to coordinate every detail is to walk through the event as if you were an attendee, making it easier to see how they will be thinking and acting on the day itself, in order to anticipate their needs. This should include the reception, picking up accreditations and access to the conference room. You also need to think about timings, break out areas and the distribution of food and drink. Here at NH Hotel Group we can help you with every stage of the process.

You are now ready to start organizing your project. Remember not to lose sight of your fundamental goals and have a clear view of your budget so things do not get out of hand. And finally, do not forget those little details that so often make the difference between a conference being a complete success or not. Leave things to us, you can count on us to be your best ally.