Do you want to celebrate an event?

Do you want to celebrate an event?

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Singular Venues for events | NH Meetings Blog

Discover a selection of spaces where design and architecture combine to produce impactful visual experiences, built around unique environments across the globe, and where the latest cutting-edge technology allows only your imagination to define the limits.

As part of NH Meetings Proposal, we have developed original and uniquely special areas for you to celebrate all kinds of occasions. These singular venues can adapt to the needs of each company, allowing planners to develop their ideas for business meetings, conferences and other types of events to be played out in the most appropriate environment.

These venues are outlined by four specific concepts:

  •  Design: Stunning architecture and gorgeous interiors designed to bring people together and share unique local experiences, enjoy the functional convenience of singular meeting spaces and relax with personalized professional service.
  • Location: Elegant locations and breathtaking views that create striking first impressions, whether close to famous landmarks or off-the-beaten track, the perfect stage is set with attendees in eager anticipation.
  • Technology: Gravity defying transparent curved displays, groundbreaking 3D holographic projections and productive SMART Room System™ communications that captivate audiences, empowering spaces and making dream events a reality.
  • Uniqueness: All of our singular venues are extraordinary places where singular experiences are an everyday occurrence thanks to eye-catching locations, magnificent views, historical backdrops, surprising exteriors, fully adaptable interiors and professional expert staff.


These are some of our Singular Venues, where unforgettable moments are formed.


NH Collection Firenze Porta Rossa

Italy’s oldest surviving hotel, located in the heart of stunning Florence, fuses old-world charm with modern-day furnishings, complete with frescoes ancient and a panoramic suite within a 13th-century tower.

NH Collection Amsterdam Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky

Downtown Amsterdam, overlooking the impressive Dam square, is where you’ll find our Wintergarden: a listed location natural light, afforded by its magnificent glass ceiling, black and white marble floor and full palm tree, floods in through 19th century architecture. Fittingly described as “unique in nature: modern with a classic twist”.

NH Collection Barcelona Tower

Offering three incredible spaces from the center of beautiful Barcelona, The Millenium Auditorium, the Great Cosmos Room and The Dome offer a variety of uniqueness under one roof, jam packed with the latest in communication and visual technology. Highly effectiveness with added ‘wow’!

NH Collection Grand Hotel Convento di Amalfi

Perched high on a cliff, this 13th-century monastery-turned-hotel, offers breathtaking views from the Amalfi coast. Chicly designed rooms and suites with sea vistas, and the exclusivity to host events in the cloister or old monastery church.

Our four concepts result in the creation of truly remarkable experiences. Consider hosting a meeting in a symbolic place like the cloisters from the Renaissance period, or welcoming guests to city vantage points situated over 100 meters high. Likewise, terraces overlooking iconic landmarks and environments showcasing the most stunning and surprising technological solutions will leave a lasting mark with your attendees. Historical buildings and spectacular venues designed by prestigious architects from across the ages in themselves attract attention, and if that wasn’t enough, magnificent suites await within the hotel itself.

Over the coming weeks and months, NH Hotel Group’s meetings blog will be bringing you our series dipping into the hotel spaces that stand out from the rest: our Singular Venues.

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