Hello 2017! A new year arrives with many unseen innovations in the organization of events and meetings. Some of these novelties are based on technological advances that emerged over last year. All of them aim to transform events into unforgettable experiences for attendees.

Find here some of the indispensable factors that you surely will include in the design of your event throughout 2017:

1. Hybrid events, where the virtual reality is mixed with live interaction. Events exceed the limits of the venue and amplify their scope, provoking the interaction between people thousand kilometers away. Technology breaks barriers.

2. Make your guests feel at home. When designing an event, make attendees comfortable. It is not just about putting comfortable seats, but about providing a great internet connection, variety in food and great networking. These are the axes to help that your guests live a great experience.

3. Drones for streamings. A drone brings a different quality point of view for attendees who follow online events. Mark Zuckerberg used a drone during the last Facebook conference and since then drones have captured the attention of the event industry. At sports events, for instance, drones are already a must.

4. Chatbots or digital assistants. This year chatbots will be on everybody’s agenda. What is up with them? They own a technology that simulates a current conversation, such as Apple's Siri or Alexa, from Amazon. At events they will be very useful as a digital assistant to ask questions like: "What is the next session?" Or "Who am I going to find myself in this room?".

5. Diversity is way more interesting. Conferences are no longer a succession of lectures on a stage, but interactive and participatory experiences, which includes audiences from the beginning. But if your event has been designed mainly with talks by experts, it is always a plus if you plan a theme that breaks with the expected and surprises attendees: a problem explained by someone not from the sector, through parallelisms or metaphors, provides another point of view; human experiences on management or leadership that convey memorable learning... Explore different contents and points of view to leave a mark on the audience.

6. Use a personalized website to manage your event. Organizing an event is a very complex task and, again technology, becomes essential to accomplish every detail. That is why a personalized website to manage an event is a must for professionals of the industry. Organizers can post and update information of the event (schedules, dates of entry and exit, rates, hotel services, kinds of rooms, information on how to get there, etc.). And attendees can easily book rooms, or check event information. Accessible at any time, this type of tool facilitates the day to day of the event planners.

These are the essential trends of 2017. No matter the kind of event you are going to organize, the beginning of a new year is always a good excuse to try something new and surprise your guests. So just do not stop innovating!