Innovative events using the latest technology, customization according to client needs, and the use of emotional presentations – these are the trends that will shape the future of the Meetings, Events and Incentives industry, as discussed at the IMEX America Expo held recently in Las Vegas.

This macro event brings together thousands of professionals from around the world each year and it’s the place to find out where the industry is heading. From the many ideas touched upon at this year’s trade show, we share four of the most relevant and posed:

1. Virtual Reality to show a destination, hotel or space. Through the use of virtual reality glasses, numerous destinations, hotels and spaces can be explored as a 360-degree immersive experience. By using a Smartphone, computer or tablet, event organizers can check out dozens of different cities, hotels and venues as they were right there, even from a fair booth. This is an experience NH Hotel Group provided clients, using our virtual reality glasses, giving them the opportunity to take a walk through our most unique hotels and venues, without leaving the fair's grounds.

The use of this technology, will help the event planners, providing more insightful information, to choose destinations, however, Professionals agree that Virtual Reality will not replace site visits. 

2. Customization - the trend in meetings held in hotels. A panel of several experts analyzed which trends shape the meetings and events that are held in hotels. All agreed that the most requests made are generally linked to customization, from the food and beverage, to the security protocols, all the way through the technology available.

There is also increased demand for available spaces for the transition between meetings where attendees can relax and network.

3. Emotion – the key to winning over the audience. Are you dealing with an audience unwilling to listen to you? There’s nothing better than using emotion to get their attention. Use persuasion, drama, suspense, surprise, mystery... In short: tell stories and humanize your speech to build a stronger connection with your audience. This was the advice given during one of the educational presentations at the trade show by Richard Cox, an expert in organizational behavior.

4. Innovation and technology will shape the development of the M&E sector. The IMEX 16 trade show also featured valuable talks with the aim to inspire the day-to-day lives of thousands of professionals in the world of events. One in particular was about innovation: the idea that approaching problems from new angles is vital for any industry, and that includes the Meetings and Events sector.

It‘s key to expect change to create opportunities for professional and personal success. "The next big idea will never come to you sitting in your office. The disruption comes when you explore beyond your comfort zone," an expert said.

Therefore, NH Hotel Group steps forward and puts the latest technology at your fingertips in order to astonish your guests and becoming the mark of distinction of your event. We focus on creating inspiring events that leave lasting impressions and guarantee your success. In fact, our hotels are equipped with cutting edge technology to create High Impact Events & High performance Meetings that help transform your business by generating the highest level of engagement with employees and customers. This is all thanks to technology such as the 3D holographic projection technology or Virtual planner.

The IMEX America Expo broke records for participation and the final tally gives you an idea of the magnitude of this annual event:

  • More than 12,200 industry professionals from Events, Meetings, Conferences and Incentive Travel flocked to Las Vegas, which is a figure that is 14% higher than the previous year.
  • Over 3,200 hosted buyers from 60 countries attended as well as more than 3,200 business exhibitors - including NH Hotel Group - from almost 170 countries.
  • Up to 60,000 meetings and business appointments were held.

In short, a great event not to be missed in order to know where the event industry is headed.

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