A coffee break in an unbeatable location

When you organize an event you know that the coffee break is one of the most important moments of the day. It allows the attendees to relax and above all, to network and chat with colleagues.

Why not have the coffee break in a space with natural light and extraordinary views of the city? After an intense meeting, your attendees will surely appreciate a break in an environment without screens and artificial lighting where they can clear their heads while admiring the panoramic views.

You’ll be able to make the best of this “down” time by choosing a centrally-located hotel that allows you the possibility of offering a fabulous 'coffee with a view'. Your guests can disconnect and re-energize as they take a delicious tempting break while observing the day to day activity of the city. Your attendees will surely appreciate views of the canals of Amsterdam or the rooftops of Barcelona during their break. The experience can also promote awareness of your brand as your guests will associate this very positive and pleasant memory with your event.

Don’t hesitate. For your next event, choose a hotel located in a dream setting that offers an inspiring coffee break.
Coffee break with the best views of the city
Coffee break with the best views of the city

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