Make room for participatory art

Do you want your guests to free their imagination and enhance their creativity? Try to include a group art session during your meeting or conference. It’s a brilliant way to break the usual pace of an event and, as it’s very attractive activity, it will help maintain everyone´s attention. It also encourages guest interaction.

For example, dedicate a large wall for your guests to display their creations in a large participatory mural. It can be a free form creative session where each attendee improvises and expresses anything and everything he or she is feeling.

You can organize a session guided by an expert, focused on freeing your guests’ creativity and emotions. Another option is to set objectives around a topic of shared interest, so that your attendees end up creating a work of art together. This way, participants are sure to exchange ideas during the workshop in a fun and much more relaxed context than what more conventional meetings provide. Furthermore, they’ll truly remember what they’ve learned.

Experts agree that art relaxes the mind, helping to reduce stress and stimulate creativity. For example, it’s a perfect activity if you’re hoping to do Team Building.

Make it easy for your guests to unleash their imagination and emotions through art. No doubt, the result will be amazing!
Participatory art at your event
Participatory art at your event

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