Do you want to celebrate an event?

Do you want to celebrate an event?

Mar 06, 2018

Detox just in time for spring

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Doing the food pyramid right

Everybody has seen the food pyramid, where the top row features unhealthy, processed foods that are high in fat, sugar, and salt -meaning they are the worst to consume-. But guess what’s at the bottom – you guessed it: fruits and vegetables! Let’s focus on vibrant, fresh fruits because they help the body detox and become healthier. Anyone attending a meeting or event this spring will welcome the sight of bright, tasty fruits.

What’s in a fruit?

Many people think fruits are jam-packed with sugar, but that is not really the case. Yes, fruit contains sugar, but whole, fresh-cut fruits contain something much more important, too: vitamins and minerals. Get your dose of Vitamin C (important for metabolism) from kiwis, oranges, and cantaloupes. Calcium, which helps strengthen bones, isn’t just in milk; it’s also in fortified fruit juices! Plus, berries like blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, and raspberries will give you your share of antioxidants…necessary to fight free radicals in the body. And of course, fruit provides the energy your attendees need to stay 100% focus on your event!

A savory & healthy delicacy

Your guests will know that you are looking out for their health when you present them with an array of delicious fruits. Everyone knows fruit is relatively low in calories, good for the body, and chock full of vitamins and minerals, all in addition to tasting amazing. Besides the typical choices like bananas, apples, and oranges, NH Hotel Group offers local fruits at their locations, including seasonal options like berries, melons, pineapple, kiwi, mango, and more. Maybe attendees will leave your event with a new favorite fruit!

The versatility of fruit

There is actually a lot you can do with fruit that will surprise and delight guests. Fresh-cuts fruits are always a crowd-pleaser, but get creative by trying a mixed fruit salad, fruit sticks (brochettes of alternating fruits – fun and easy to eat), fruit juices or smoothies, and fruit fondue with different sauces like melted chocolate, yogurt, caramel, whipped cream, etc. Fruits are easy to present because of their natural, bright coloring, which will surely grab guests’ attention. And don’t forget, NH Hotel Group is there to work with you to fulfill any food request and avoid any food allergies.

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