The Healthiest Tempting Breaks

Good health is everything, which is why healthy choices have pride of place in our Tempting Breaks.
Treat your guests to unique, customized, locally-inspired delicacies. You’ll find that our exquisite presentation makes coffee breaks even more tempting. The delicious food is meticulously prepared by our chefs using only the freshest natural ingredients. We can adapt to your needs and personalize coffee breaks by decorating the food with your own company logo. We also offer low-sugar, vegetarian, and gluten-free options and can accommodate other special requests. Plus, the 'Healthy Corner' included in our Tempting Breaks lets you refuel on natural ingredients rich in vitamins and proteins and low on salt, fat, and carbs.

"Surprise your guests with our Healthy Corner"

Healthiest Tempting Breaks
Healthiest Tempting Breaks

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