Add local delicacies to your coffee breaks

Iberian ham in Spain, bagels with salmon in Amsterdam, mate in Argentina…. Or coffee and pastries anywhere in the world.  Adding a little local flair to your coffee breaks is trendy.   Choose a coffee break for your guests with that special touch that will inspire them but don’t forget to include international flavors for more global tastes…

The guests at your event are unique as are their taste buds: there’s always someone who wants to enjoy the local delicacies of every country they visit, to get to know the flavors and ingredients.  

There are also those who prefer not to take a risk in the middle of a business event and opt to replenish their energy stores by going the safe route: with delicious coffee or tea accompanied by mini pastries.  With that in mind, our Tempting Breaks always include a regional  specialty inspired by the locale of the hotel as well as other, more international delicacies that captivate palates around the world. 

Just ask us: we know how to satisfy the expectations of each of your clients.  Our chefs offer the best local and international cuisine.

Join the trend: coffee breaks with local flavor
Join the trend: coffee breaks with local flavor

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