Transport your guests to another time or place!

Are you looking for ideas to add that final touch to a conference or event that’s stretched over various days? Why not organizing a themed party, topped with details: carry your guests to the spirit of the sixties with a Flower Power party, or the luxury and exotic sumptuousness of the Arabian Nights.

After one or several days’ worth of work, during which your attendees have probably been very focused, there’s nothing better than throwing an event that breaks the pace. Giving your guests a lasting memory to bring back home.

We can help you to choose the best thematic, décor and lighting, essential to create the perfect setting for your guests, whether based on current trends or straight out of the history books. The catering should also be up to par, with delicacies that reflect the typical gastronomy of the chosen theme.

Of course, music is an element that cannot be overlooked. So, whether live or not, in our hotels you will find state-of-the-art sound equipment to ensure your guests enjoy dancing to the best music.

Do not limit your imagination. Tell us what environment, what culture... what universe you want to create, and we will help you to build unforgettable moments.
Themed party as final touch of your event
Themed party as final touch of your event

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