An elegant and healthy menu with seasonal produce

We know that guests are increasingly demanding and have begun requesting menus adapted to their needs. Whether they’re vegans or vegetarians ... you need to be able to offer food and beverage options that meet their expectations – and that doesn’t mean just adding fruit or vegetables to the menu.

So if you want to organize an event for foodies or vegetarians, keep catering services that make the best use of vegetables, fruits and other produce in mind. You can’t go wrong with Vermeer Restaurant located at NH Collection Amsterdam Barbizon Palace. It’s directed by Michelin star winning chef Chris Naylor who always showcases seasonal produce on his menus, especially vegetables. He buys locally grown produce and even has his own orchard on the roof of the hotel.

Exceed your guests’ expectations and offer options that are the latest trend in events: healthy cuisine made with local produce and with minimal impact on the environment. Go for healthy, slow and ecological food.
Seasonal dinner for foodies and vegans
Seasonal dinner for foodies and vegans

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