Do you want to celebrate an event?

Do you want to celebrate an event?

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  • The greatest satisfaction is when a customer proudly shares a successful event

"The greatest satisfaction is when a customer proudly shares a successful event"

Elisa Giura

Elisa Giura

M&E Sales Department - Italy

Elisa is working as M&E Sales Manager in our sales department in Italy. With more than 12 years of experience in the industry, she’s specialist in large events. In this interview, she shares with us her thoughts.

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Feb 23, 2018

Can you tell us tell us more about your trajectory at NH Hotel Group and your role within the company?

In 2006 I started in the meeting office at nhow organizing any kind of events from small to large ones; then in 2010 I had the opportunity to enter the sales department of Meetings and Events in the business unit of Italy. Taking advantage of my previous experience, organizing events, evolving to this department was a natural movement, and 8 years after I’m still a part of this team.

As a part of the sales department, you are specialized in handling the request of the clients interested in organizing large event, above 100 assistants. Can you give us some insights on what are the most common needs of this kind of events?

I would highlight flexible spaces with natural light as one of the main requests, as that’s something we can easily provide. We have a plethora of diverse venues that you can adapt to your needs. Either you need to organize a large conference, a product launch, a training to your entire sales team… we have exclusive and unique venues that will surprise and wow attendees perfect for any luxury event and more traditional ones that will fully adapt any need. Also, for large events, technology is always an important driver and at NH Hotel Group we have many innovative options, like as LED screens or our 3D hologram, not to mention our “High Tech Made Easy” concept.

The last requirement that is usually decisive and the choice of the venue is the location: easy to access from the nearest train station or airport as these kind of event drives a lot of movement. Here I won’t have to extend myself on it, as all our hotels are located in the most important cities, in the city centre and easily accessible.


What differences have you seen between the planning, and hosting, of large events compared with smaller ones?

As far as big small, I would say that there aren’t big differences. Of course the volume of attendees that will attend one type or another will make the difference and the logistic for people management and F&B will be different. But for us, big or small, each event is always a unique event and will be customized based on the client needs.  We offer the experience and creativity of our professional team, ensuring complete dedication so that every event is a success.

As the immediate support contact for event planners, what do you believe are the most important aspects of your job?

First of all, knowledge of the product is absolutely essential. It’s key to help bookers and planners select their ideal venue and design the entire event. When you know every detail, it’s easy to surpass your client’s expectations and make every event 100% successful. You also must be a trustworthy and reliable partner: only experience and excellence can give you that. If your client is satisfied with the result of the event, they will have NH Hotel Group in mind for their next event. And last but not least, you must identify current and future needs, understand setbacks, and suggest solutions. Anticipating the needs of the customer and predicting the requests means having a master recipe to satisfy their needs.

Based on your experience, how have the needs of the meetings and events industry evolved over the last few years? And what is the next ‘key trend’ that you envisage for the coming 12 months and beyond?

I would say a key trend will be technology, as it amplifies the impact and relevance of the event. Another trend becoming stronger in the industry is expediency. Planner and bookers have reduced the time assigned to planning, yet the number of last minute requests is increasing. So it’s essential to be reactive, quick and prepared. For instance, we have developed some interesting tools for our clients using the latest technology to substantially reduce the time a booker or planner spends looking for a venue, thinking about its possibilities, previsualizing the venue in 3D before event asking for a proposal. Our 3D Meeting Planner is available in our website and is very useful in order to picture your next event in our venues. As for large events, we also offer a free service that is the creation of a dedicated web for the event, with all the information about it and the possibility for every attendee to book his room if necessary. It’s our Customized Group Website. Check them out and I’m sure you’ll love them.

And finally, could you tell us what is the biggest satisfaction when working with a client on the definition and planning of this kind of events?

The greatest satisfaction for us is when a customer proudly shares a successful event or describes the emotions they experienced in our hotels.

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