Do you want to celebrate an event?

Do you want to celebrate an event?

"Flowers are life, emotion, luxury, and elegance."

Izaskun Calvo

Izaskun Calvo

Events Manager, Flowers & Co.

In the business for more than a decade, Izaskun Calvo, Events Manager for Flower & Co, brings us closer to the world of floral decoration for events. Her close collaboration with Hotel NH Collection San Sebastián Aránzazu and Hotel NH San Sebastián Donosti, makes Izaskun a trusted partner for NH Hotel Group.

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Jan 23, 2018

1. Can you please give us a little background on the company, how you got into the job, and what your role is within the company?

We are florists and decorators specialized in weddings and events. The company was founded by my mother, Begoña Monge, a professional florist for more than 20 years. Four years ago, I assumed more business responsibilities and today I carry out the commercial and bureaucratic parts of the business, the attention to our clients and couples, as well as the design of our events and weddings.

2. What changes have you seen in the events business since working at Flowers & Co?

These years, we have noticed a growing demand for the personalization of events. Our clients want to please their guests and make their wedding or event a different and unforgettable experience for them. This is only achieved by paying attention to the aesthetic and by taking care of every small detail.

3. What are the most important factors for a successful relationship with your M&E clients like NH Hotel Group?

NH is a client of reference for us. The most important thing is to listen to the needs of our clients, understand them and take care of them, provide solutions and meet their demands, all in a climate of trust and transparency. It is also essential to be constantly searching for new ideas and trends in order to provide a service that’s modern, qualitative, elegant, and sophisticated.

4. Where do you source the flowers from and what challenges do you face in ensuring the supply meets the demand?

We buy all our flowers from the Netherlands, but we have different suppliers in France, the Basque Country, and even Cantabria, so that we can guarantee the quality of the final product. We’re almost always working against the clock, and therefore we must always have a surplus for possible unforeseen or last-minute demands.

5. Do you have a winning flowers and/or floral combination that you can share with us, that always cause a sensation?

We do not have one particular winning floral arrangement, but without a doubt, we feel like winners when our clients get excited upon seeing their bridal bouquet, or when they see the decoration of their banquet or company dinner for the first time.

6. In what key ways do you think floral arrangements can benefit a meeting or event? (Please give us some specific examples)

Flowers are life, emotion, luxury, and elegance. Click To Tweet Flowers are life, emotion, luxury, and elegance. They’re always worth having. When you personalize an event and look after the details, you are taking care of your guests, which is what we all look for – that our guests enjoy an unforgettable and unrepeatable experience.

7. Can you describe your most challenging request for a professional event? How did you deal with it?

All our requests are demanding. Every wedding and event we do is unique because every couple and client is unique. They include crucial moments and many emotions, nerves, debuts… everything has to go like clockwork and we must “put the icing on the cake”. A lot of times our job means helping reassure, accompany, and reduce tensions. When a client is calm, confident, and lets us do our job, the results are exceptional.

8. How do you see the link between the events industry and flowers developing over the coming years?

I cannot imagine an event or wedding without flowers. Flowers brighten the senses and the soul and bring a certain elegance and distinction that every event needs.

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