Meeting Dusseldorf


Düsseldorf, a mix of business and art

Düsseldorf is one of the richest cities in Germany and is an important center of business and commerce. Known as "Little Paris", the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia is a leading city in fashion and art worldwide. The left bank of the Rhine corresponds to the contemporary sector of the city, and the historical districts are found on the right. So, with so much on offer, where do you start?

If you’re in the mood to unwind after a meeting or conference, we suggest a visit the Hofgarten, the largest gardens in the city. Nearby, is the Academy of Fine Arts, theaters, the Goethe Museum and the opera house. Another place you must visit is the neighborhood of Medienhafen, a modern area located in the harbor. Here you will find the trends in architecture that span beyond decades, including the famous houses designed by Frank Gehry (Stromstrasse 26). Also, if you want to take a break, this area is teeming with restaurants and pubs where a local drink can be sampled.

If you have a couple of free hours to explore the city, we recommend you embark on the following route; Start by the Gehry buildings, in the harbor area. Nearby, a short walk will take you to the Rheinturm or Rhine Tower. This famous telecommunications tower offers a unique panoramic view, overlooking the surrounding from 240 meters in the sky. At the top of the tower you can catch a bite to eat at the Günnewig restaurant.

Then head north along the Rhine, along the Rheinuferpromenade, the promenade that traces the shape of the Rhine River. You´ll soon realise that this area if is full of restaurants and all manner of people. It has become the ‘it’ area along the river  for having a drink after work or relaxing with friends. 

A flight of stairs will lead you the Burgplatz (Castle Square). A historic square popular with both locals and tourists. These will lead you to the old town, known as Altstadt. Wandering through its streets, you’ll find clues of the history that makes the city what it is today. Now, the only thing left to do is decide whether it´s going to head to the restaurant, bar, or pubs (or all three) to finish the day off on the right foot..

Other points of interest that Düsseldorf offers are:

-Rathaus (Town Hall). One of the oldest buildings in the city, located in the Marktplatz, the heart of the historical center known as Altstadt.

-Königsallee. Known as KÖ by locals, is a prominent fashion boulevard, with lots of shops. Düsseldorf has an important fashion industry and market, hence the nickname of the city as the “Little Paris” of Germany. The avenue was designed in the late 18th century as an enlargement of the city, and runs parallel to the Rhine. The street is divided by a large canal fed by the Düssel River. Wandering through its many bridges is a nice plan for after work.

-Lambertuskirche. The Catholic church of St. Lambert is famous for its twisted tower.

-Carlsplatz. In this marketplace, open all week, you can find a wide variety of high quality food, flowers and wines.

-Benrath Palace. Surrounded by gardens, this palace is the home to the Museum of Natural History and the Museum of European Garden Art.

-EKÖ Haus. The home of the Japanese Association. It is home to the largest community of Japanese citizens in Europe and it has the one of the best Japanese garden in the European Union.

The longest bar in the world

In an area of less than one square kilometer, the old town, Altstadt, boasts over 260 pubs, known as the  "the longest bar in the world". Along its streets you will find all kinds of typical German foods such as Kholroulade (cabbage roll with meat), the Düsseldorfer Senfrostbraten (roasted sirloin) or the famous Eisbein (pork knuckle) with sauerkraut and mashed potatoes. Also, you´ll find "Altbier", the popular local beer that is still manufactured in the traditional style. Zum Uerige is the right place to have an Alt craft beer.

Although a cozy place, the Schweine James restaurant (Bolkerstrasse, 13) is famous for serving some of the best pork knuckles and Goulash in town.  If you prefer fish and seafood we recommend you book a table at Andrej's Oyster Bar & Restaurant, one of the most famous restaurants in the city.

If you are looking for an authentic German experience, try the Bauernstube Deppe, a charming place run by the same owners for 30 years. It is located in a residential area north of the city, but it is well worth the journey if you´re in the mood for a bit of fun. 

In this cosmopolitan city you will also find international restaurants who learn towards contemporary cuisine and fusions. A good example is Lido, a glass cube suspended over the water and located in the harbor area.

To get a general idea of the city, you can use the HopOn HopOff tour bus system. In 90 minutes, it will take you through the most iconic sights of Düsseldorf. You can also take a one hour boat tour, which crosses the Rhine and the inner harbor.

Düsseldorf is a city with character, class and a tangible atmosphere, where being bored is not an option. If you decide to explore it after your meeting, be prepared to discover your new favourite city.

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