Feb 20, 2017 | Videos Mercedes Benz introduces the E-Class in an unforgettable event

NH, an extraordinary setting for Mercedes-Benz

Louzao, the brand of Mercedes Benz dealers in Galicia (Spain), had a challenging objective: create a dramatic unveiling of the new E Class sedan model against a luxury backdrop, to create a buzz to stimulate future sales.

The challenge was to hold the event in an iconic space in the city of A Coruña which needed to be perfectly aligned with the product philosophy: a high-end sedan with a modern and sophisticated sporty style, whose design combines elegance and poise in its every detail, as well as providing an astonishing touch of lightness.

These virtues fitted perfectly with the philosophy of the Hesperia Finisterre 5*.

“What we saw was elegance with a modern touch, and very high-end... the place just seemed made for this event," said Antonio Bellot, Director of Marketing Louzao Mercedes - Benz.

The hotel's front entrance approach allowed guests to be welcomed with the car exhibition. The access points were adapted so that cars were easily took into the Victoria Great Hall, which boasts 454m2, a ceiling height of 5.7m and a spectacular design.

This large venue provided visibility to the cars and allowed attendees to enjoy a first-hand experience of the product, being able to move freely through the room. In addition, the decoration design and lighting helped to create an elegant and modern environment, which fitted perfectly with the high-end saloon that featured Mercedes Benz.

“The space's design, lighting, the fact that it could easily accommodate all the cars without a problem, the commitment of the Hesperia Finisterre team: all this contributed to develop a perfect event”, added Antonio Bellot, Director of Marketing of Louzao Mercedes - Benz.

The attendance data was met beyond expectations. The objective of creating an exclusive, high-quality event which allowed clients to enjoy the product first-hand was wholeheartedly achieved.

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