Do you want to celebrate an event?

Do you want to celebrate an event?

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  • Philips and nhow Milan, innovative partners

Philips and nhow Milan, innovative partners

A high-end suite for unique lighting

HUE technology is an innovative wireless lighting system for the home. It’s designed to provide a personalized atmosphere through lighting controlled from a smartphone or tablet.

In order to present it to a top audience of design and innovation enthusiasts, Philips chose the nhow Milan’s tenth anniversary event. Philips outfitted the “Suite”, which proved to be the ideal location to highlight the beauty of HUE technology as it has ample space and is equipped with advanced technology. It‘s a high-end and customizable location, offering a variety of settings in a single room.

“Being able to showcase our HUE technology at nhow Milan was an incredible opportunity because it offers an atypical showroom in the center of the city with the possibility of reaching a wide target audience,” said Corrado Massone, Marketing Manager, Philips Lighting IIG.

Philips Lighting emphasized that organizing this presentation with nhow Milan was a success, especially because of their high quality services and the ability to customize spaces.

“To present the new configuration of the Suite, nhow Milan organized an exclusive press conference before the tenth anniversary party, including a special show with dancers. With this, nhow added a twist to our presentation, proving that they’re a great partner.  They’re able to support their partners with a professional and helpful team, “added Massone.

Thus, nhow demonstrated why it’s a leading brand in creating events that exceed customer expectations.


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