Sony Pictures gives the cinema's first holographic press conference at the NH Hotel Group

NH Hotel Group's 3D holographic telepresence system offered Sony Pictures the perfect solution for presenting their latest release in a highly original way, allowing the lead actor and director to be in two places at once. Sound like something you want at your event? Come visit us.

"Holograms Are the Future"

We recently took on one of the biggest challenges in our history: hosting the press conference for a movie premiere... with holograms!
Sony Pictures was preparing to release the film Chappie and wanted to present it in a striking, original way. To do this, they gave the NH Hotel Group a mission: to organize the press conference at the NH Collection Madrid Eurobuilding, bearing in mind that lead actor Hugh Jackman and director Neil Blomkamp (who were in Berlin) could not travel to Spain because of scheduling conflicts.
But how could these two key people be in two places at once? We had the solution: our 3D holographic telepresence system, which allowed both celebrities to present the film in two countries simultaneously. Sony Pictures was very pleased with the result, because the press conference made a huge impact and received extraordinary media coverage. The event was broadcast on the evening news and featured in leading magazines and newspapers. Even the film director was stunned, despite being accustomed to working with state-of-the-art technology. Plan your event with NH and see for yourself.