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Enjoy the Amazing Parks and Gardens in Berlin

With a wealth of stunning parks and gardens, Berlin is a very green, outdoor focused city. Throughout the year, locals and visitors alike flock to these inviting public spaces to relax and enjoy the lush surroundings

Berlin Botanical Garden
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Berlin Botanical Garden


Tiergarten, in the heart of the city, is the largest park in Berlin, encompassing forests, lakes, streams and an array of multicoloured flower beds. Visitors can also take relaxing boat trips along the River Spree, which runs along the park's north side.
At the centre of the park is a large junction called Große Stern (Great Star). Here, you can find the Berlin Victory Column, which provides some great views of the surrounding Tiergarten. The monument has a €3 admission fee. Große Stern is also dotted with impressive statues, commemorating various military figures.
Visitors to Tiergarten can also check out the Zoo Berlin. One of Germany's largest zoos, it houses thousands of different species of animal. Furthermore, there is the adjacent Aquarium Berlin with countless varieties of fish, crocodiles, amphibians and a shark tank, showcasing the blacktip reef shark. Standard admission to the zoo is €13 euros or for €20, you can get combined admission to the zoo and aquarium.
Tiergarten is easily accessed from S-Bahn Bellevue or S-Bahn Tiergarten. Alternatively, alight at U-Bahn Hansaplatz. For Zoo Berlin, alight at Zoologischer Garten, which is served by the U-Bahn and S-Bahn.

Berlin Botanical Garden

Check out the Garden Architecture at Gardens of the World

Berlin's Gardens of the World offers visitors a chance to view alternative garden architecture from Europe and beyond. It covers around 21 acres, and showcases designs from Europe, Asia and the Orient. More recent additions include the Italian Renaissance Garden that has geometrical flower beds and sculptures. The Garden of the Reclaimed Moon has a collection of Chinese plants and a tea house beside a pond. In addition, the park includes a hedge maze and labyrinth with a design based on Chartres Cathedral. The gardens are open all year round and full price entry is €5. The nearest station is U-Bahn Neue Grottkauer.

Visit the Britzer Garten, Berlin

The Britzer Garten is one with a variety of terrains. It includes hills, sweeping lawns, lakes and rhododendron woodlands. There are also fantastically colourful flowerbeds in the park. Tulip bulbs, which bloom during the spring, are one of the park's highlights. Concerts and firework displays also frequently take place here.
Another highlight of the Britzer Garten is its charming railroad. Visitors can board one of its railcars, some of which replicate classic models, for a tour of the park.
Admission to park is €2, whilst the nearest stations are U-Bahn Alt-Mariendorf and U-Bahn Parchimer Alle.

Berlin Botanical Garden

The Berlin-Dahlem Botanical Garden

The Berlin Botanical Garden is located in the south west of the city, in charming Dahlem. It stretches out over 43 hectares and has thousands of plant species within. The garden boasts one of the largest tropical green houses in the world that is a true architectural marvel. It also showcases a marvellously diverse collection of plants from various countries.
In addition, visitors will find a Botanical Museum adjacent to the garden. Inside, informative displays show fossils and reconstructed plant formations across the permanent exhibition. Full price entry to the gardens is €6, which includes museum entry. Entry to the museum alone is €2.50.

The Pfaueninsel Nature Reserve

The Pfaueninsel, or Peacock Island, is another notable green space in Berlin. An island park located in the River Havel, it is both a nature reserve and heritage site. The park boasts a beautiful palace, rose gardens and peacock wildlife sanctuary. Visitors arrive at the Pfaueninsel via ferry, for a fee of €4.
So there can be little doubt that Berlin boasts a great collection of gardens and parks. The Pfaueninsel, the Gardens of the World, Britzer Garden, Berlin-Dahlem Botanical Garden and Tiergarten are just a few highlights in a wonderfully green city.

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Berlin Botanical Garden

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Berlin Botanical Garden

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