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Exciting Hamburg entertainment for families

The lively city of Hamburg is a delightful holiday destination for families with children. For guaranteed thrills take your little ones to the scary Hamburg Dungeon or give them the experience of a lifetime at the Hamburg Dom summer carnival

Hamburg for families
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Hamburg for families

Hamburg for families

Your children will be delighted to learn that the hamburger did indeed evolve from the famous Hamburg steak, the original burger patty sandwiched between two buns. Your children will find it equally amusing to learn that a male citizen of this city is actually called a Hamburger (a female citizen is called a Hamburgerin). Invent a quest to discover the best hamburger in Hamburg. There are numerous burger joints across this magical city but your children are going to be so busy with their adventures here that you will probably have to remind them of their mission when it is time for a snack break.

Hamburg for families

Things to do for families in Hamburg

Hamburg’s urban beaches with their imported sand and palm trees are a big hit with children and adults alike. Enjoy hours of fun at these idyllic locations on the banks of the River Elbe. You can relax in a hammock while the children frolic in the sand and build sand castles. There are many beach bars lining the banks of Elbe around Hamburg. The Veritas Beach in Harburg which extends is another popular spot with visitors. Alongside the shores of Lake Erie is the Hamburg Town Park. Popular with the locals of Hamburg, this recreational facility includes a boat launch, a bathing beach with lifeguards and a fully equipped gym.

Familienwelt adventures

One of the best wildlife parks in Eastern Europe, an excursion to the Hamburg Zoo is ideal for kids of all ages. The Tierpark Hagenbeck in Stellingen was founded in 1907 and it is the first zoo to introduce the exhibition of animals in natural environments surrounded by moats or pits rather than inside barred cages. At the Hagenbeck Aquarium you can watch sharks swim in one of the largest seawater enclosures in Europe. There are a large number of fresh and salt water displays with red lion fishes, moray eels and many other unusual forms of aquatic life. Visitors can wonder at the colours and structures of a live coral reef.
This 25 hectare park has unrivalled botanic variety and astonishing panoramas that feature various species of animals together in one landscape. Children will be excited by the chance to feed a giraffe or an elephant. This beautiful park also features pony rides and a large playground. Families planning a trip to Hamburg should visit during the summer holiday period to enjoy a variety of organised evening programmes. A summer visit also means you get to visit the Hamburg Dom, Hamburg’s summer carnival with its thrilling rides, glorious fireworks, games and delicious local food.

Hamburg for families

Hamburg for families: Miniatur Wonderland in Hamburg

Once your children visit the Miniatur Wonderland in Hamburg they are going to want to stay. The world’s largest miniature railway, this display is a must see for families taking a holiday in Hamburg. With more than 15,000 m of railway track, a working airport, a theme park and even a space station, children never want to leave the place. They can even interact with the exhibits by pressing various buttons. They can chop down trees, assist little firemen in putting out fires and just picture their excitement when they get to operate the chocolate factory. This huge exhibit is divided into seven segments: The imaginary city of Knuffingen, Harz, Hamburg, America, Switzerland, Scandinavia and the Alps and Austria. The exhibition focuses on realism and it even simulates day and night in the various time zones across the miniature continents.

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Hamburg for families

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Hamburg for families

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Hamburg for families

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Hamburg for families

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Hamburg for families

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Hamburg for families

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