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Savour the sights of the infamous Reeperbahn

Get a glimpse of the maritime history of Hamburg when you partake in the pulsating nightlife of the Reeperbahn. Watch a stimulating show, dance the night away, check out bars or sample the many restaurants in the area

Reeperbahn Hamburg
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Reeperbahn Hamburg

The sights and sounds of the Reeperbahn

Considered one of the top nightspots in the city, the Reeperbahn is located in the St. Pauli District. Owing to the naval history of Hamburg, it is not unusual for the area to have a Red Light District where sailors can relax and be entertained during one of their stops to the city. However, the Reeperbahn in Hamburg is more than just a place where brothels, strip shows and cabaret acts can be found. There are plenty of restaurants in St. Pauli and cafes abound in and around the vicinity catering to a variety of clientele. You can also find hot spots such as lively bars and nightclubs where you can party and have a fantastic time.

How to arrange for a visit to the Reeperbahn in Hamburg

Reeperbahn Hamburg

Hamburg’s public transportation is well connected to the main attractions of the city. If taking the U-bahn, take U3 in the direction of Sternschanze- Schlump and get off at St. Pauli. When using the S-bahn you can ride the S1 in the direction of Wedel and the S3 headed to Pinneberg. Get off at the Reeperbahn and from there explore the area and its fascinating side streets. A taxi is another possibility and can be arranged for your convenience from the hotel where you are staying.
Various tours of the Reeperbahn are offered by travel agencies which can be found at your hotel or if you decide to pre-book, online. All the details of your excursion will be sent to you in an email or written on your ticket.

What to do on the ‘Mile of Sin’

Reeperbahn Hamburg

During the day, the Reeperbahn in Hamburg is a bustling street filled with shops and places to eat. As dusk falls you will see a complete transformation as soon as the neon lights are lit. Watch in fascination how the area comes alive with clubs, bars and cafes opening up. As you watch the seemingly endless stream of people hurrying about their business you will be tempted to join one of the parties going on whether it is a stag party or a girl’s night out.
At the Indra Club, just off the Reeperbahn, the Beatles performed in the early 1960s when the group was not yet known in the musical world. Today you can still watch concerts or performances at the many clubs in the area.
The 960 m long Reeperbahn is not known as the 'sinful mile' for nothing. To this day there are brothels, live sex shows and sex shops in abundance. There are, however, other options available when visiting the Reeperbahn. The area is the hottest place in town where many young Hamburgers hang out and party in the numerous nightclubs and bars which are to be found in the district.
If you happen to be in Hamburg during the Reeperbahn Festival, you should make it a point to see one of the numerous events. Join a feverish party on the street or attend a concert. At the Reeperbahn in Hamburg you will not run out of things to do, whether you want to be do something outrageous or simply have a romantic dinner. Share a couple of drinks with your group in the clubs or dance the night away at a disco. This Hamburg neighbourhood has everything covered for those who wish to experience the Reeperbahn day or night.

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