The first thing to consider before organizing an event is determining what its objective is. Logically, you’ll also want to ask yourself what exclusive benefits you’ll get from this investment of your time and your budget and if it’s the most efficient way to achieve them.

We know that new technology, mobile phones, e-mail and social networks allow daily communication between people. However, they’ll never be able to provide the connections created through face-to-face meetings and offer the benefits they generate.

So if you’re looking for solid arguments to take a chance on events, below we offer 6 advantages that an event can bring to your brand image:

Advantage 1: Increase visibility:

Holding an event for the launch of a new product or service is a good way to publicize what’s new with a brand. If a broad reach to the general public is what you are looking for, the event can create a lot of buzz in conventional outlets as well as in digital media and social networks.

Another option is to organize an event aimed at a very restricted and exclusive audience. In this case the brand opts for more specific visibility aimed at a particular target, determined by the product or service that is being presented.

Advantage 2: Garner prestige:

A good presentation is always a plus when creating brand awareness promoting new ideas and explaining them clearly. The company thus gains authority in its sector and therefore manages to differentiate itself from the other brands in the market.

Of course, the success of a presentation depends on a good speaker. Jonathan Bradshaw, CEO in The Meetology Lab, tells us some of the secrets of a good speaker:  his kindness, speaking to the audience as if he were a friend and sharing the content rather than just reading from the slides on the screen.

Advantage 3: Generate buy-in:

An event is the perfect time to gather the opinions of current and potential customers, get to know them better and learn firsthand what their needs are. In addition, it‘s a very good way to get attendees involved in a common project and let them feel truly part of it.

Connecting on a personal level in a face-to-face meeting is something that can consolidate interest in the brand. This will generate buy-in from those involved and will have tremendous impact on customer loyalty.

The 6 ways events can help your brand
The 6 ways events can help your brand

Advantage 4: Consolidate your community:

Attendees of an event, in addition to developing connections with the organization, also establish relationships with one another creating a loyal community around the brand.

Advantage 5: Create opportunities:

When people get together, magic happens. They share experiences and best practices, ideas and illusions. Synergies develop as do very interesting and valuable opportunities for both the brand and the attendees. One event may be the spark of other future projects.

Advantage 6: Increase revenues:

The visibility and prestige of the brand, a solid community, the commitment of customers and new projects and opportunities, will all translate into business growth and increased brand revenue. Further, as the father of modern marketing Philip Kotler says, "it’s no longer enough to merely satisfy the customers, now they have to be delighted." Events and meetings are the best way to develop long-term relationships with customers and stakeholders, the benefits develop from there.

An event enhances the image of the brand in various ways: increased presence, reinforced brand-awareness and an optimized reputation. Further, it forges important connections with both customers and other potential partners. So if you want to increase the branding of your company or client, don’t forget events are one of the most powerful resources you have at your command.

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