An event with live music

Did you know that music is one of the best tools to give your event the differentiating touch it needs? Why not use it like this: invite a live band or form one with the guests at your event. You’ll facilitate networking in a very unique way. Your attendees will be surprised and you’ll present them a new challenge.

Music is known to have multiple benefits:  it can strengthen learning and memory and it also helps to regulate stress. This will be true for your client as well, as it’ll generate brand memory: attendees will associate the good times they enjoyed at the event – thanks to the live music – with your client’s brand.

If you decide to go for live performances at your event, you need to have quality equipment: shoddy loudspeakers and microphones can ruin the experience. At NH, we have a lot of experience in organizing musical performances, including facilities that will delight any music professional.  We can offer a stage with excellent acoustics, a recording studio, the latest generation of microphones, and at the Nhow Berlin, a Room Service Menu of electric guitars and the possibility of organizing shows on the terrace. Artists such as the rock band Papa Roach, Alle Farben and DJ Alexio and Clueso have already performed live at our nhow Berlin.

Turn your event into a total rockin’ show!
Go for live music at your event
Go for live music at your event

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