If you are looking to run an event that will be remembered by the guests, technology can help with the task. Whether you are looking to uniquely illuminate an area or include live music, why not try out some of the latest technologies that can take your event to the next level.

LEDs can help you create a magical atmosphere. For example, during the party for the 10th anniversary of the hotel nhow Milan, the lights on the artists’ clothes caught the attention of the audience during the incredible show.

A spectacular backdrop to help create an unforgettable event is the stunning 300 m2 vaulted LED screen, the largest in the world, at the NH Collection Madrid Eurobuilding. It is a fascinating space, where technology adapts perfectly to the needs of the client, allowing the creation of a diverse range of events.

Have you thought about using holograms? There is no doubt this technology has a major impact on people. It involves creating 3D images using light. At our hotels you can enjoy our 3D hologram technology, allowing you to project any type of image in three dimensions, whether it is a product presentation or live images of individuals who can interact in real time with the audience from afar.

Another cutting-edge option that will astound your guests is video mapping. This involves projecting images onto a surface to obtain a 3D effect or the sensation of movement.

Technology vastly increases the possibilities of captivating your audience. Try it at your next event and make a bigger impact.

Technology to give your event the WOW factor
Technology to give your event the WOW factor

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