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Meeting Leipzig

Things to do in Leipzig for the business traveler

NH Meetings Jan 29, 2018

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The city of Leipzig, the jewel of Saxony and Germany’s tenth largest city by population, is of significantly lesser fame than the likes of Berlin, Munich, Hamburg and Frankfurt. This quaint location, however, will surprise most that visit and with its inviting eateries, impressive architecture and charming museums, a business trip can be transformed into a cultural experience. Let us guide you around some of the key areas…

 A cultural insight of Leipzig

How better than to use up your free time in a new city than have a walk around, and where better to start than at a place used by over 54 million people each year. The Hauptbahnof is not only a fine looking building but also the world’s largest train station based on its huge floor space. Admire the early 20th century architecture from outside or venture in for a shopping extravaganza. The mall is the largest in the city and can certainly help you kill some time if required. From the station head across Unterer Park and take a right when you get to Brühl, a street in itself filled with notable buildings and shops to pop in and out of.

Enjoy the fine arts? Well, when you turn up Katharinenstrasse from Brühl (or take the tree-lined zigzag path just before it) you’ll come across the Museum der Bildenden Künste, a glass cube that you’re unlikely to walk by without wanting to venture inside. The exhibits vary from room to room and offer a perfect setting for an informal chat with a colleague or client while admiring works by the likes of Munch and Monet.

After the museum, continue down Katherinenstrasse, passing the Leipzig Markt square and on your left you will see the wonderful Alte Handelsbörse, built in the latter part of the 17th century it is now a concert hall and is easily identified by the memorial of German poet and writer, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Incidentally, if time is on your side then allow your walk to drift off to the western side of Leipzig Markt and indulge yourself in the Zum Arabischen Coffe Baum (Arab Coffee Tree), an exquisite café that also contains a museum related to the rather interesting world of the caffeinated phenomenon. Whether you choose to catch up on emails with a refreshment or visit the exhibits is your call.

A few steps south of the café is another stop for you, and ideal if you have timed it as a stopping point for food. Auerbachs Keller, is well-known in the city for the location Faust was initially taken by Mephistopheles in Goethe’s play of the same name. Intrigue abounds in a restaurant that dates back to the 15th century making it the perfect place to take a prospective client or a business partner where conversation topics will be all around. As it’s popular, make sure to book ahead of time if you can.

While you’re in the area, don’t miss a chance to visit Be impressed by the original gothic architecture from the 12th century and know that Bach’s remains are buried within the church. A museum to the famous composer lies adjacent to the church for those that want more insight.

As a final stretch, head east on Grimmaische Strasse, a street that tempts the innocent passer-by with its shops’ luxury window displays, and after a few minutes you will reach the square designed by Johann Carl Friedrich Dauthe, Augustusplatz. The square has been around since 1785 but had a facelift after significant damage during World War II. These days it stands majestically as a place for locals and tourists alike to mingle, great for clearing the head at the end of the day. Take that idea further with a trip up the City-Hochhaus where you can enjoy the breathtaking view over the city and beyond or, arrange a table at the panoramic restaurant for a business dinner. Negotiations are so much more fun when you’re over 100 meters in the air!

Team and client eating and entertainment

You already have an idea of some of the sights of Leipzig but there are key places worth knowing about if you are looking for a particular type of dinner or other engagement with your colleagues or with a client.

We’ve already mentioned Auerbachs Keller that suits for either lunch or dinner and no matter the occasion. Another recommendation, which carries with it a cosmopolitan atmosphere, is Max Enk on Neumarkt, near the university. If ‘cool with a hint of high class’ is the impression you are looking for, this is the place, with its wooden interior and pristine glass ceiling.

For a shorter stop, and possibly a required caffeine boost between meetings, try out the Riquet coffee house. It’s beverage and snack options are a delight while the elephant-themed interior really catches the eye, especially the decorative head of the animal above the door. If you like cozy, this place has two floors of it, and is a great place to relax and watch the locals go about their business.

In the evening, a cocktail list may be desired so take whatever person or group you are entertaining and hit the Imperii restaurant and bar on Brühl. It’s funky, stylish décor will grab you from the moment you walk in trying amazing cocktails you didn’t even know existed and a great dinner menu.

Gifts and souvenirs aplenty

Now if picking up a souvenir of your trip or a gift for someone back home is required, Leipzig makes it easy.

As well as the train station’s Promenaden experience, Mädler Passage is perfectly placed in the center of the city to capture any shopper’s eye and will provide you with amble opportunity to collect some niceties from its luxury boutiques to take with you. Alternatively, keep an eye open for the markets that spring up from time to time through the week – they are often a weekend affair – for special bargains.

The fusion of assorted streets throughout the center of the city is often the answer though, with each corner likely to give you a different choice.

Business must be done, but when you find some spare time on your hands, why not take advantage of what Leipzig has for you. Whether for an hour or a whole afternoon, there is something for everyone.

Exciting news from NH Hotel Group

On the outskirts of the city our NH Leipzig Messe hotel continues to provide an excellent base for anyone business visitors. Coming soon, however, is our new hotel that will be based in downtown Leipzig and will offer the perfect starting point to explore the attractions of the city. We are delighted to announce that NH Leipzig Zentrum will open its doors by the end of 2018.

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