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Cultural tourism: Museums in Hamburg

You can learn about the history of Hamburg as a shipping and trading post from the various maritime museums. Many old passenger liners have been turned into museums. You can also visit the Museumshafen Oevelgönne and see more than 20 vintage ships

Museum Hamburg
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Museum Hamburg

The long night of the museums in Hamburg

For many visitors and locals alike the cultural highlight of the year is the long night of the museums, an annual event in which more than 50 museums display their artwork, scientific exhibits and historical collections from around 18:00 until late into the night. If you schedule your visit to coincide with this popular event you will gain an unrivalled insight into the history and culture of this major German port.

Museums and galleries in Hamburg

Museum Hamburg

One of the largest museums in Germany, the Hamburg Kunsthalle was established in 1850. The Kunsthalle houses art collections spanning seven centuries of European art starting from the Middle Ages. The Kunsthalle Museum is located in the Altstadt district and consists of three connected buildings, two of which were added later in 1921 and 1997 respectively. The various collections housed at the Kunsthalle include historic paintings from North Germany as well as work by Dutch and Flemish artists, Italian art and drawings from France and Germany. Visitors can also view contemporary international art exhibits.
Another of the city's most popular cultural institutions is the Museum of Ethnology which is located in the Rotherbaum section of the Eimsbüttel region in Hamburg. In 1849, the Hamburg city library had a small ethnographic collection which became a part of the exhibitions at the Museum for Natural History in Hamburg. The Museum für Völkerkunde was established in 1879 and inherited this collection. The museum currently has roughly 350,000 objects in its collection making it one of the biggest ethnology museums in Europe. The museum attracts more than 180,000 visitors annually.

The Ernst Barlach House is located in the Jenischpark to the west of Hamburg city centre. Founded by the industrialist Hermann F. Reemtsma in 1961, this art museum is dedicated to the Expressionist artist Ernst Barlach who was acclaimed as a graphic artist, sculptor and dramatist. The museum also has a library with literature on Barlach and the Expressionist art movement. This privately funded museum has beautiful landscaped gardens. Additional rooms for temporary exhibitions were added in 1996 and often house temporary displays of modern art as well staging events. Ernst Barlach’s creations are said to have been inspired by music and a concert series titled Klang & FORM, provides a stage for exceptional young performers. These performances are usually moderated by professors from the University of Music and Theatre
The Elbinsel Museum was originally established in 1907 and is currently situated ion the premises of an old administrative building in Kirchdorf, just outside of Hamburg. The museum displays a fine collection of antique furniture.

Museum Hamburg

The Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe is one of the most noteworthy museums of decorative arts in Europe. There are exhibits here spanning all time periods from the Middle Ages to the present day. The collections hosed at the museum range from historic keyboard instruments such as harpsichords, spinets and clavichords to Islamic pottery, carpets and books as well as Baroque figurines, antique pottery, weaponry and statues. The Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe is situated near the Hauptbahnhof in Hamburg.
In addition to the city's many museums, Hamburg is home to a number of renowned theatres and concert halls including the Thalia Theatre, the architecturally striking Elbe Philharmonic Hall and the Deutsches Schauspielhaus, Germany's largest theatre.

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Museum Hamburg

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