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Best Places to Eat Out When in Rome

Although you’d have to stay in Rome much longer than a day to experience true cuisine and the dolce vita lifestyle, you can still get a taste of it in just a day or two

Restaurants Rome
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Restaurants Rome

Best trattorias in Rome

The Italian capital is known for its art, museums, shopping and entertainment, but if you come here just for a food trip alone, you won’t be disappointed. While the historical centers will attract the crowds, don’t be afraid to wander down lesser known streets and smaller alleyways to discover the delicious surprises that await you. If you are on the lookout for Rome's best trattorias and cuisine, try a food tour of Rome, and make sure to visit Rome's markets.

Restaurants Rome

From typical Trattorias to Michelin-star Restaurants in Rome: Recommended places to eat out in Rome

Trattoria Monti, Via San Vito 13a
Featured in Conde Nast Traveller, this local favorite is near the busy Piazza Vittorio. Its service comes highly recommended, and its osteria ambience gives it a homegrown, cozy feel. A family run restaurant—like many of the best trattorias in the country—is known for the favorite tagliatelle pasta served in duck sauce, or the local ravioli with ricotta and spinach, which is perfectly complemented by the good house wine. This trattoria is a cut above the rest and takes quality dining up a notch.

Dining Near the Pantheon

Armado al Pantheon
For dinner next to one of the city’s most famous landmarks, the Armado al Pantheon must be booked weeks in advance. Its legendary chef’s specialties include pasta with pork and pecorino cheese (spaghetti alle gricia) and the simpler spaghetti with olive oil, garlic and peperoncino. You’ll be amazed by how simple the ingredients in its best dishes are, and the quality of the basic elements that make it a local favourite night after night.

Restaurants Rome

Where to Find the Best Pizza in Rome

It would be a hard competition to rate the city’s best pizzas, but the truth is that they aren’t all equal. Given preference of taste and toppings, you’ll have to decide for yourself whether one is better in your books than the next. But here are some ideas for dining when the pizza craving strikes:

Ai Marmi, Viale di Trastevere, 53
It goes by two names: “Panattoni” or “Ai Marmi”, nicknamed for its long marble tabletops. Usually packed with patrons, expect it to be busier than normal, which means service could take longer. But one bite into your savory pizza and you’ll know why: The Roman pizza is classic goodness, the typically thin crust charred ever so slightly, and baked to perfection. Enough cheese, just the right amount of toppings, and wine on the side make this pizza the perfect lunch or late afternoon snack. Try the specialty of Rome, salsiccia e fior di zucca, a pizza made with sausage slices and seasonal zucchini flower blooms.

Other Great Specialty Restaurants in Rome to Try

Pro Loco DOL, Via Domenico Panaroli 35
For local products on offer during the rights season, go to Pro Loco DOL, as the locals do, to source the best take-home food. The gourmet deli also serves wine and oil from the region, besides the best cold cuts, salamis and cheeses. But it has since upgraded due to popularity to now serve actual dishes that you can eat on site. Their ever-changing menu has a good range of pizza offerings, and meals from the region that are full of flavor and taste.
Walk to the Piazza Navona, and then wander around to find some of the best restaurants in Rome. Besides great places to eat out in Rome, you’ll enjoy looking at the artisanal shops and picking up souvenirs, or people-watching at the fountains. Don’t worry about getting lost here—it will seem like just the thing to do. Enjoy its cobblestone sidewalks while a summer sun guides you with its light to some of the best restaurants in Rome.
Piazza Barberini is also a lively hub of hotels and great restaurants in Rome. Situated perfectly in the historical center of the ancient city, many of its buildings are rebuilt. In its center is the famous Fontana di Tritone (Triton Fountain), a Bernini masterpiece. It will be easy to find great food around here, and as a general rule, go where the tables look full and the patrons satisfied.

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